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Hartlepool and East Durham Mind's Approach

Hartlepool Mind’s approach to mental wellbeing starts where any work which has people’s real interests at its heart always must start – from the givens of human nature; that is, what research, reflection and plain common sense tells us is required by human beings from their physical and emotional environment in order to thrive and flourish.

Known as the Human Givens approach, the term “human givens” refers to our innate physical and emotional needs , together with the natural guidance system (our “resources”), which nature gives to each healthy baby to help it fulfil these needs.

These needs and resources are a form of accumulated knowledge that has evolved over millions of years and is the shared biological inheritance of all races.

They are “givens” because they are genetically incorporated into our biology – literally programmed into every healthy newborn – to aid our survival and future development.

The implications of these facts of human nature are simple:those whose innate needs are met well in the world will flourish, remain mentally healthy and not behave anti-socially.

People whose needs are not met well, or in balance, will not thrive. Instead they become stressed, anxious, angry or depressed – some, in extremis, even psychotic.

What people can expect from Hartlepool Mind when they need help

Our overriding objective is that every user of Hartlepool Mind feels better after each contact with our service. By which we mean they leave us feeling a measure of hope and optimism that there can and will be an end to their symptoms. We aim to engender hope and optimism by:

Giving people as much time as they need to explain their circumstances and goals for recovery, in a respectful, validating and non-judgmental atmosphere;

Using clear, non-technical language that respects each client’s particular ways of expressing themselves;

Enabling clients to experience symptom reduction (and in some cases complete removal) during their time with Mind staff, whose training provides the understanding and techniques regularly to achieve this;

Providing a greater understanding of their conditionand the associated realization that it is nearly always temporary and soluble;

Teaching specific skills that help to overcome the condition ormanage symptoms to assist recovery;

Discussing ways in which physical and emotional needs can be met more effectively;

Teaching any missing skills required to meet emotional needs;

Providing a tailored plan with the goal of achieving recovery;

Taking as much time as is needed by the individual – which may be just one session, or in rare cases, over several years. Most people are moving on within three to six months of their first contact with us.

We also strive to create as normal and friendly an atmosphere as possible.

Because we work with people suffering emotional distress it is even more important than perhaps in other services that clients feel a warmth, friendliness and welcome that immediately puts them at their ease.

Hartlepool Mind’s and the Quality Management in Mind Standards 

Hartlepool Mind has made a commitment to improving and ensuring quality across the entire organisation. This is achieved by integrating National Mind’s: Quality Management in Mind Standards.

The 12 standards are as follows:

Standard 1: Commitment to quality

Standard 2: Measuring performance

Standard 3: Governance

Standard 4: Planning and policy development 

Standard 5: Financial management and systems 

Standard 6: People management 

Standard 7: Information  

Standard 8: User involvement

Standard 9: Equality and diversity

Standard 10: Networking and partnerships 

Standard 11: Standards for services  

Standard 12: Branding  


Hartlepool Mind will continuously review theses standards to make sure the service is running effectively and adhering to the Quality Standards. The Quality Standards are reviewed by the Quality Management in Mind Standards (QMiMS) task group, which includes members of the committee, senior staff and users of the service. The Quality Standards are now a bench marking system that is used within Hartlepool Mind in every aspect and every day the service is delivered.  The Quality Standards framework (which holds the evidence of the standards being met) will be reviewed on annual basis.


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PLEASE NOTE: Hartlepool Mind are not able to provide information or crisis support on this page, and other users are not able to provide this either. If you feel you are in danger, please contact a service like Mental Health Matters, Samaritans, NHS Direct, your GP or local police department. 
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